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SEO for Contractors

Getting your contractor business to show up within the search engine result pages doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, earning a spot within the first page of Google search engine results is an accumulation of a robust SEO strategy. To get new leads and customers for your business, SEO for contractors can help you get your website rank higher and earn the advantage.

Bring More Leads and Build Up Your Business

When it comes to getting more leads, it is not only the number of leads that you get. It is also crucial to turn those leads into business. As every business is different, we tailor your SEO services for contractors to your industry niche. This is very specific for general contractors, whether they are single proprietors or a large company, as their source of revenue depends on being discovered by customers.

During our SEO for contractor services, we put a time to completely understand your business so we can get the right customers for you to target and focus on them with our unique SEO strategy. While delivering our SEO services, we build out a content calendar that has the keywords that are centered towards your target audience so we can get these posts and pages to rank and get in front of them and get noticed and convert them.

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SEO analysis and audit

One of the most important steps in a proper SEO campaign is starting with a thorough analysis and audit which includes technical analysis of the website like speed and mobile-friendliness, keyword focus, content structure, and links on your website. Moreover, it also involves looking at your website’s online presence and comparing it with a few of your top-ranking competitors.

 Keyword Research

Finding suitable keywords is the foundation of a quality SEO campaign. We find out the general keywords which are most searched by your customers and optimize the content to match with your service. We also check if you have fewer or too many mentions of your targeted keywords throughout the page content.


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Link Building

Links are the biggest factor contributing to the ranking of the website. We offer links for your website from the top authoritative websites in the industry, and we do it in a way that assures longevity and a top-level reputation for your business.

 Content Marketing

Well-formed content is the foundation of a solid web presence, but not everyone can write content specific to your business. Our team of experienced writers provides content based on your keywords and tries to provide all the information which relates to the services you provide and people are looking for.

 Google My Business Listing

Listing your business on Google is one of the most important factors to rank in Google and an important tool for local organic rankings. Proper Google Maps optimization and business information for your contracting company will help you earn two spots on the first page of Google.

 Reporting and Analytics

We create a hand-crafted report for our clients that is easy to understand and let our clients have their eyes on the results each month. Our report is also very transparent and detailed so that you have confidence in making your next investment.

SEO For Construction Companies at High Rise SEO

Regardless of which type of contract business you are doing; High Rise SEO has got you covered! Headquartered in NYC, we help our clients drive targeted websites through our custom plans and guaranteed search engine marketing services to stay ahead of your competitors.